We use mercury free materials to fill cavities. The Tooth colored resin we use is Bonded to the tooth creating a tight seal to protect the tooth. 



Onlays are restorations that cover only the part of the tooth that needs support. Usually made of porcelain, they blend in to the tooth to create a very esthetic result.



When the tooth as a while needs support, it is covered with a crown. With precision impressions and an excellent lab, we make each crown custom to fit and to match the teeth in your mouth for an esthetic natural look. 



When a tooth is lost one option is to replace it with a bridge using the adjacent tooth for fixed support. A bridge is very comfortable and esthetic restoring you to normal function.




These are other options for replacing missing teeth which are typically removable.



In some cases the nerve in the tooth becomes infected or injured requiring that the nerve tissue is removed. Dr. Vlass has been performing root canal therapy over 30 years.



Many patients suffer from pain in the jaw joint and/or the muscle that controls the jaw movement. Dr. Vlass is trained to help alleviate the pain and provide a more stable oral environment to promote a healthy joint and muscles. Sometimes splints (night guards) are used to realign the jaw. Dr. Vlass will also use Botox for muscle pain when indicated. 



Dental implants are strong, predictable, and aesthetic option for a tooth replacement in most cases. They can be used to support one to you as a porcelain crown or a full arch of teeth. Dr. Vlass has been placing implants for over 30 years and will discuss with you your best options.



Dr. Vlass has extensive experience in restoring a full arch or a full mouth when needed for aesthetic or functional reasons.